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Don Patterson Award of Excellence

Eligibility is open to individuals who…

  • Show strong leadership in the advancement of the OACVB
  • Show leadership within the Ohio Travel Industry 
  • Have been an educator to OACVB members, especially to those new to OACVB -available and approachable 
  • Have put forth extra effort (beyond duties as an OACVB member or officer) toward the betterment and growth of OACVB 
  • Have promoted OACVB and tourism in Ohio to the betterment of both 
  • Worked on special OACVB programs, events and promotions assisting with the growth of OACVB and the travel industry 
  • As an OACVB member, must have been an active member for a minimum of 3 years, for others, must have worked on a special OACVB promotion, project, ad-hoc committee or advance OACVB in some special manner 
  • Who can be nominated? CVB directors, former CVB directors, CVB staff persons, legislators, state officials, OACVB employee, or others who have put forth a special effort to assist and promote OACVB  

Nominating Procedure

Any OACVB member can nominate one individual by faxing a nomination form and supporting material to the OACVB office in care of the Don Patterson Award Committee

  • Nominating form must be completed and signed and can include up to two type-written 8 ½ x 11 attachments addressing eligibility of nominee
  • Up to three 8 ½ x 11 sheets of other supporting material can also be submitted
  • Nomination should include a second letter of support by another OACVB member.

Previous Winners

1996 Dale Finley Greater  Cleveland CVB
1997 June Creager Clermont County CVB
1998 Dennis Saunier Canton/Stark County CVB
1999 Susan Hamo Akron/Summit CVB
2000 Pat Crow Knox County CVB
2005 Joan Van Offeren Sandusky/Erie County CVB
2007 Dee Grossman Tuscarawas County CVB
Download Don Patterson Award of Excellence nominating form (PDF)